Polis & Latchi Bus Routes from the Polis main bus station.

Polis & Latchi Bus Routes from the Polis main bus station.Paphos Latchi Bus

The station is situated in Polis Chrysochous Area, in the centre of the town.

Polis station links Latsi (Aphrodite’s baths) and all the villages of Polis Chrysochou Area and towards Paphos. As you can see there is a lot available, and often.

Bus Tickets and Cards

PRICE:                   € 1.50      € 5.00   € 2.50    € 20.00        € 40.00      € 400.00

PRICE:                 €15           €75            €225          €2250

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Maintaining Your Swimming Pool in Summer

Maintaining Your Swimming Pool in SummerBlue pool

Its great having a swimming pool on your property can be a fantastic way to cool down during those hot summer months. But like most things things, a swimming pool requires quite a bit of maintenance and attention to detail. Many people choose to enlist the help of pool professionals, but if you’re more of a do-it-yourself kind of person read on to find out how to keep your pool’s water sparkling clean.

Understanding Your Pool’s Water Needs

Become familiar with your pool’s total alkalinity and pH levels. Total alkalinity is a way of measuring the water’s ability to neutralize acidity. Your water’s alkalinity levels are directly related to your water’s pH; the higher the total alkalinity, the higher the pH levels of your pool’s water will be.

  • pH levels measure how acidic or basic substances are. The pH scale has a range between 0 and Chemical check list14, with a neutral pH at 7.

 Know your pool’s chlorine, calcium hardness, acid, and total dissolved solids levels. Besides the pH and alkaline levels, these are also important considerations. Make sure you understand what they are and how they benefit your water.

  • Chlorine is used to disinfect and sanitize the water.
  • Calcium hardness refers to the amount of calcium present in the water. If the calcium levels are too low your water will become corrosive, potentially ruining the body of your pool.
  • Acid protects the chlorine in the water from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
  • Total dissolved solids are mainly composed of inorganic salts (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, bicarbonates, chlorides and sulfates) and small amounts of other organic materials Pool Chemicalsdissolved in the water.

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Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Latchi Dive Centre is located in the picturesque fishing harbour of Latchi, along with their Watersports and Boat Hire office. Scuba-DivingThey have two further beachfront Watersports operations located at La Plage and Anassa Beach.
Latchi is located on the Akamas Peninsular on the north west coast of Cyprus. It’s just a short boat ride away from the Akamas National Park and its stunning coastline, the best in Cyprus.
Latchi Watersports currently operates a fleet of twenty five rental boats, three commercial dive boats, marina and beachfront watersports. We have three ski boats offering a whole spectrum of watersport activities, including wakeboarding, waterskiing, parasailing, ringo and banana rides. RYA sailing and powerboat training courses are available along with 24 hour boat watch and full marine services.
Highly trained, competent, friendly and professional staff look after your every need to ensure your time on the water with Latchi Watersports and Latchi Dive Centre is the highlight of your holiday. Read More

Camping in Latchi Polis Cyprus


Camping Site


If you enjoying a twilight meal sitting on a sandy beach and then stretching out beneath the stars to a symphony of night crickets if this sounds like your idea of heaven, a camping vacation in Cyprus might just be just for you. Nature really comes alive when you experience it first-hand. What better way is there to commune with the outdoors than to pitch a tent and take in the profound beauty of an Eastern Mediterranean island? It will give you a vacation to remember.

Cyprus has several licensed campsites accommodating both tents and touring caravans. Most of the sites have showers, washing facilities, toilet blocks, snack bars/restaurants, and a mini-market within easy reach.  Read More

Nature Trails in the Polis area, Cyprus

Interested in doing some nature trails within the Akamas area.It will be hot so any advice on where to walk and best time of the day to go out.Aphrodite Nature Trails (Circular) - Pafos District, Akamas Forest

If you have a car you can get closer to some walks without an initial slog in the heat.

For Cyprus walks in the hotter summer months an EARLY start is recommended ie 7am or earlier!

You can still do the main  trails on the Akamas – either drive to the Baths of Aphrodite for the Adonis and Aphrodite trails or Smigies picnic site (beyond Neo Chorio village) for the 2 shorter nature trails of Pissouromoutti and Smigies trail. Read more

Supermarket Shopping

Supermarket Shopping in the Area offers all the shops you require without the need to go to Paphos. Pharmacys, Butchers, Bakeries Jewelry, Souvenir shops etc

The Biggest Supermarket is Papantoniou

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Hotels in Polis and Latchi Cyprus

Hotels in Polis and Latchi and the surrounding area offers accommodation for all budgets. From budget to five star luxury. The standards are generally very high, and would be what you’d expect in Hotels in Polis and Latchimost continental European hotels of the same standard.
The hotels tend to be located in Polis and Latchi, although there are a few further afield. You won’t find massive high rise hotels either.

Anassa Hotel

Number of rooms: 166
Anassa – meaning ‘queen’ in ancient Greek – is a luxury 5 star hotel resort on the Mediterranean shores of Cyprus. Anassa is the jewel in Cyprus’s crown: a majestic resort that exudes the charm of a traditional Cypriot village. Tumbling down a secluded hillside towards the infinite blue of the Continue Reading

Restaurants and Taverns Latchi and Polis

The Restaurants and Taverns in Latchi are famous in Cyprus for its fish selection and quality.Restaurants and Taverns
Most situated adjacent to the pretty fishing harbour, restaurants in Latchi,, offer the perfect place to relax and watch the world go by with a fish meze and a glass of ouzo (octopus tastes especially good with ouzo!)

Fish, like anywhere in the world, is not cheap but many restaurants have special offers on fish platters which are great value. Standards do vary between tavernas so this page aims to educate you on where to go for the best fish in town…or any other meal should you not like fish.

NB – any review is always personal. Read More

Akamas Peninsula and National Park

As promised this is the first on my Polis, Latchi & Chrysochous information, things to do andAkamas-Peninsiala services offered.

The Akamas National Park lies on the west coast of Cyprus, a truly pictorial part of the island. It has an area coverage of 230 square kilometers containing valleys, gorges and wide sandy bays. The wildlife diversity is crucial for the ecology in the Mediterranean. In this spectacular environment there are 168 varieties of birds, 20 different reptiles, 16 species of butterfly and 12 different mammals not to mention its very rich variety of fauna. The important significance of the Akamas Peninsula has been duly noted; The European Council has included it in its Mediterranean Protection Program The Cyprus Government has yet to fully declare it as a National Park for tourist and local landowners reasons, although friends of the Earth and Green Peace are lobbying hard for it. For more

I will be adding more over the next few weeks the next will be on the Latchi Marina.

Polis, Latchi Chrysochous information

There have been requests from customers and friends who have requested on Polis, Latchi Chrysochous informationPolis, Latchi Chrysochous information , things to do and services offered in Polis, Latchi & Chrysochous. So I am putting together this information.


The gentle rolling hills and ancient vineyards of central Cyprus fade away, as you drive towards the island’s North West, to the wild uninhabited and dramatic virgin beauty of the Akamas Peninsula, named after the mythical son of Continue Reading