Looking after Roses

With little work each season, you can have a garden full of beautiful, fragrant roses. YouLooking after Roses will be surprised to know that roses are much easier to care for than you think.
TIP: “There are many types available; some roses require more maintenance than others. Tea roses tend to require more attention, while shrub roses are low maintenance. Find the right type of rose that suits you.”

Pruning in Early Spring is a must for Roses
In the spring, you should prune roses as soon as new buds start swelling. These small red buds will eventually become new branches. Start by removing all the dead, or Continue Reading

Growing Olive Trees 2nd March 2017

Growing Olive Trees Care and FeedingGrowing Olive trees

Olive trees require a well-drained soil and a sunny position. Avoid sites where water stands during rainy periods or where ground water seeps into a hole. Do not, however, confuse the olive for a desert plant. It needs regular watering to thrive. Insufficient water will cause your tree to suffer, and even die if left too dry for too long. Continue Reading

Indoor Plants the Reasons You Should Have Them. 24th January 2017

Pothos Plant

Pothos Plant

Indoor Plants the Reasons You Should Have Them.

Reason 1


All you have to do is look at the purple petals of a vibrant African violet and you’ll stimulate the release of adrenaline. As a result, your energy levels will rise and oxygen flow to your brain will increase, helping you relax.

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10 TIPS FOR CHOOSING TILES 11th January 2017

10 TIPS FOR CHOOSING TILES 11th January 2017tilling

MAISPA have put below some tips for choosing tiles for your home. For more specific advice, why not also read our choosing a bathroom tile (see bottom of Blog.) and choosing a kitchen tile (see bottom of Blog.).

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10 PAINTING TIPS 29th December 2016

10 PAINTING TIPS.color-wheel

Have you ever asked yourself why do we find one place more appealing and not comfy in another? Why is one product more attractive over others? The reason is Color it accounts for 60 percent of our response to an object or a place.

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How to prepare your pool for Winter 19th December 2016

Pool PoolHow to prepare your pool

The temperatures have started to drop, it’s time now(If not already done) to best prepare your pool so it


survives the winter season and is ready to use when the warmer weather comes around again.
Maispa has some great advice on how to winterize your pool!

How to prepare your pool for Winter

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Care Tips For Your Lawn In Winter 13th December 2016

Winter Lawn Care Tips for a Better Spring Grasslawn

In the winter you spend the least amount of time thinking of your lawn. Unless you live in an area that is relatively warm all year long(like us), chances are you have put the lawn mower away and are ready for a few months of relaxation before you have to start the grass maintenance routine again.

There are a few things you can do during even the harshest winter that can ensure a beautiful, lush yard once spring rolls around again.

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GETTING RID OF WEEDS 7th December 2016

GETTING RID OF WEEDSweed-killer-300x300

6 ways to murder them with household items. You’ll save money and show no mercy to your garden’s uninvited guests.

The first rains have arrived and it’s now time to watch the weeds grow right in front of your eyes.

Nothing ruins your garden or yard like weeds, those uninvited guests that rob your plants of space and nutrients. So murder those weeds most foul, but without harmful chemicals that can do you in, too.
Who says you need standard weeding tools to kill weeds? Here are seven ways to kill weeds with weapons you already have around your house.
How to kill weeds:

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