Health Care Facts and Information

Health Care Facts and InformationPaphos-general-hospital-1-300x212

If you are moving to Cyprus you will initially need to arrange to obtain the appropriate E-Form from your Doctor in your own Member State, in order that you may obtain health care on the island.

Since 1960, the year of Cyprus’s independence, emphasis has been given to Prevention, a necessary aspect of Health Care. Cyprus now has an international reputation for its Prevention Programs which have managed to practically eliminate diseases such as Malaria, Tuberculosis and Echinococcus. Continue Reading

Getting work in Cyprus

Getting work in CyprusJobs-1-300x212
There are plenty of available jobs in Cyprus. Luckily for you, you have come to the right place to find Cyprus jobs.
The type of jobs can you find in Cyprus?
There is as big a variety amongst the types of jobs offered in Cyprus as in any other country and you will find any type of employment from jobs within tourism to service jobs and jobs in high tech industries that requires university degrees and multiple years’ experience. Continue Reading

Cyprus Citizenship




The Council of Ministers approved on 13/9/2016 the new criteria of obtaining Cypriot Citizenship by investment, based on article 111A, subsection 2 of the Civil Registry Laws of 2002 -2016.

A non – Cypriot citizen who meets one of the criteria explained below either personally or through a company/ companies in which he/ she participates as a shareholder – proportionally based on the percentage of participation, or through investments that his/her spouse made or investments that were made jointly with his/her spouse or as a high-ranking senior manager of a company/ companies that meets one of economic criteria (A), may apply for the acquisition of the Cypriot citizenship through Naturalization by exception.

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Retirement If you are not planning on workingRetirement
Retirement, studying. If you are not planning on workingRetirement
Not working is not a problem in itself and will not prevent you from working in Cyprus. But you will have to prove that you will not become a burden for the cypriot economy, namely the social and health system.
If you are studying
If you are studying in Cyprus you will still need to obtain the Registration certificate. The process for applying is the same as mentioned above and you will need to bring the following:
Completed application form
Valid passport or identity card
Proof of comprehensive health insurance
Proof of adequate financial resources (by declaration)
Two passport sized photos
If you are retiring to Cyprus
If you are retiring to Cyprus or just don’t have any plans of working in Cyprus you will also need to apply for a Registration certificate. To prove that you won’t be a burden for the society you will need to supply the following documents with your application:
Completed application form
Valid passport or identity card
Adequate income from a legal source. This can include work or income outside Cyprus, pension or any other mean of income
Proof of funds in a bank (Overseas or in Cyprus)
Proof of comprehensive health insurance
Two passport sized photos
What about using an agent?
It is fairly popular to get help from an agent that – for a fee – helps you with the details of the application. They will speed up some of the processes, although it primarily is limiting the time you spend queuing and waiting at the immigration office.
They are also experienced in handling the application process and will (often) make sure you have all the necessary documents.
It is a relatively small fee but the application process is also something you can easily handle yourself.

How to apply for work permit (yellow slip) in Cyprus

How to apply for work permit (yellow slip) in CyprusWork pemit yellow slip
How to apply for work permit (yellow slip) in CyprusWork pemit yellow slip
Example of a work permit, yellow slip, residence permit or registration certificate in Cyprus
General categories of employment of aliens Issue of entry and work permits
Applications for the issue of entry and work permits in general categories of employment are submitted to the Civil Registry and Migration Department by the intended employer, through the respective District Aliens and Immigration Branch of the Police, on condition that the foreigners are abroad. The applications should be accompanied by a work contract stamped by the Department of Labour of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance. The said Ministry is competent to examine whether regarding the specific profession or job there are no available or adequately qualified Cypriots and then to make a recommendation for employment of aliens. The applications are forwarded to the Civil Registry and Migration Department and after they are examined and it is established that there is nothing against the foreigners which prevents their entry into Cyprus, the relevant entry and work permits are issued. Continue Reading

Local phone number and internet connection

Getting a local phone number and internet connection

Telephone and Internet
When you are moving to Cyprus you should also look into getting a local phone number and set up an internet connection.
How to get a Cypriot phone number
There are no challenges in getting a phone number whether it is a landline or mobile phone number, but if you are not a Cypriot or own property in Cyprus, you might experience some difficulties getting a subscription. In that case our advice is to get a pay as you go number, which you can get at almost any kiosk.
You can read more about getting a Cypriot phone number from these two service providers No1. Cyta and No2. MTN
Getting an internet connection in Cyprus
Google also exist in Cyprus you will of course also need an internet connection. You will want to get the process started quickly as there sometimes is waiting time before your chosen supplier is able to get you connected to the world wide web.
Internet access in Cyprus is expensive compared to wherever you are moving to Cyprus from and the options are limited. This means that you will have to choose between quality and cost – at the moment there is no way for you to get a high bandwidth connection cheap. But internet connections are available from €15 a month and upwards.
Getting a mobile internet connection is also worth considering, as the providers have  4G mobile network. two service providers No1. Cyta and No2. MTN
If you decide not to get an internet connection for your home you will have to rely on wifi access at bars, cafes and restaurants. While that will no doubt be good for your social life it will also include some costs for a coffee here or a drink or beer there.

Education in Paphos Cyprus

Education in CyprusEducation

All the essential facts on the system and levels. Information gathered by Maispa Developers

The Education System in the Republic of Cyprus has four stages: pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher/tertiary.

Nine years of education are compulsory (and free at state schools): education is compulsory from Primary School (age 6) to the end of the third year of Secondary School (age 15)

Pre-primary education

The Ministry of Education and Culture has approval of all nursery schools (or kindergartens) operating on the island, whether a state-run public school or a private nursery school. The Ministry of Education and Culture also determines the curriculum to be followed. There are 3 categories of nursery school: Continue Reading

Driving in Cyprus

When driving in another country it always feels different than driving in your home country. The rules might be similar, signs will be a little different, road quality and traffic flow will be a different and local interpretation of driving laws will vary –A lot sometimes a lot. Read this it will give prepare you for driving in CyprusDriving i Cyprus

Driving in Cyprus is different than in many other countries. Being aware of local customs and traffic flow will make it a lot easier and safer for you. In this article, I have gathered these tips based on my own experience, which will make it as simple as possible for you to merge into the Cypriot traffic. Continue Reading

Cyprus Culture

Paphos was the city of culture 2017 in Europe, it was very successful and Maispa was honoured with a plaque as a sponsor.Cyprus Culture
We thought it would be interesting to write some of the traditions and customs that one may come across amongst the Cypriot people. Some of these are traditional only to Cyprus, but the majority stem from Greek culture, and have been adopted and sometimes adapted over the years by Cypriots.

One of the first aspects of the Cyprus culture experienced by foreigners to Cyprus is the warm welcome. Cypriots are known worldwide for the genuine and sincere hospitality and friendliness. The words ‘Kalosorisate’ (Welcome!) and ‘Kopiaste’ (Come join us!) are frequently called to locals and foreigners alike.
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Capital of Culture 2017

After the successful Capital of Culture 2017 year. Maispa Developers was presented with an honorary plaque for our support and sponsorship.NEW-LOGO-FINAL-1140x1177

Paphos has now officially handed the title of the European Capital of Culture to the next European Capitals of Culture, Valletta & Leeuwarden (Netherlands)

We wish them well and hope that they can achieve the level of excellence we achieved in Paphos.

Capital of Culture Capital of Culture